Show Notes – November 25, 2012

JasonStudioA-300x225Our guest this month was Jason Phillips, a singer and songwriter as well as a student from the University of California at Davis. Jason talked about how he discovered his love for music and the stage. He performed two songs live for us during the show.

Jason, originally from the Bay Area, is currently studying psychology at U.C. Davis. Since he was a toddler, the world has been his stage as he took every opportunity to perform for anyone that would watch. Whether it was a thanksgiving dinner or a talent show, Jason was always singing or dancing and having a good time. Since then, he’s performed musical theater and song all over the Bay Area in productions ranging from community theater to professional performances. One of his biggest passions is recording music. Jason has a home recording studio where he produces songs for his YouTube channel. Jason currently sings at a piano bar in Sacramento every week. After college, Jason plans on living in NY to pursue a career in performance.

Jason is a wonderfully talented and bright young man with a very promising future.



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