Show Notes – April 28, 2013

"Invisible"LGBT youth account for a majority of the runaway and homeless youth living on the street today.  Tragically, some of these young people become victims of human trafficking as prostitutes working for organized groups that travel through Santa Rosa and the greater Bay Area.  This month, Santa Rosa Police Detective Chris Mahurin joined us to talk about this growing crime problem and how he is working with various organizations to protect these vulnerable young people. He told us about his first case involving a young girl who ran away from home here in Santa Rosa and who got connected with a prostitution network that span the entire Bay Area. She was terribly exploited until she was rescued by law enforcement. Detective Mahurin provided some valuable information about how these organized crime rings operate and what to look for if you suspect a young person is becoming involved in this kind of crime.

samantha1On the Outbeat Youth segment, we talked with Samantha Logan, a transgender woman and activist who is working as a blogger for Matthews Place, a website supporting LGBT youth provided by the Matthew Shepard Foundation.  She shared her coming out and transition story with us.  What a great role model.

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