Show Notes – June 28, 2015

rightsideofhistoryHappy Pride!  What a historic time with this week’s landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court making marriage equality the law of the land!  This month we celebrate LGBT pride month and this decision with stories about remembering our history, giving back, and community online.   Kinna Crocker returns with members of the Sonoma LGBTQI Giving Circle.  Now with over 100 members, this new group is raising money to support Sonoma County LGBTQI organizations and especially those supporting LGBT youth.

Here Media, home of The Advocate, Out Magazine, and more, have launched a new website,  Editor in Chief, Levi Chambers talks about some of the innovations being used on this new highly interactive site.

And finally, author Adrian Brooks join us to talk about his new book, “The Right Side of History.”  The shares his experience and thoughts about activism and the LGBT civil rights movement.

We conclude with a look back and a celebration of our fight for equality with a montage of news headlines.  We come such a long way, but realize we will have a long way to go.  Be proud of who you are every day!

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