Show Notes – Nov. 25, 2018

This month we talk with two local artists who are making a living with their talents.  First, singer-song writer Bobby Jo Valentine returns to catch us up on all that has happened to him this last year since he lost everything in the fires of October 2017.  He’s had many new beginnings this year and has been touring around the country sharing his life story in his music.  He even performed, for the first time, at a naturist retreat and discovered some things about himself that he shared with us on the air.

You’ll also meet Brandon Sokolowski, an Air Force veteran, who came out while serving our country just after the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy was eliminated.  I met Brandon when he was just coming out and caught up with him years later to discover he is now a dancer and designer of his own clothing line.  He’s living in the Castro in San Francisco and thriving now that he is living as his “true self.”

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Bobby Jo Valentine
Brandon Sokolowski

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