Show Notes – August 23, 2020

While the nation is calling for police reform, many public safety agencies are struggling with not only public outcry, but how to deal with the CV-19 health emergency, recruitment and mental health.  For LGBTQ+ members of police and fire agencies, these issues can be overwhelming. This month we start a two-part series first with Julie Callahan, founder of the Transgender Community Of Police and Sheriffs, and Ed Senatore, founder of the International EMS and Firefighters Pride Alliance.  They will be talking about how things have changed since starting in 1978 as members of the LGBTQ community in public safety.  Next month, we talk with Dale Peters about being African American and in law enforcement.  We’ll share perspectives and news about some of the police reform legislation pending in California.  

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Eric Cervini
“The Deviant’s War: The Homosexual vs. The United States Of America”

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