Show Notes – Oct. 25, 2020

October is LGBTQ history month and the time each year when we remember the significant events that have shaped our lives and experience.  October 11 was National Coming Out Day and while you may wonder if people still today struggle with coming out, please know they do.  LGBTQ people young and old continue to face great adversity and this is only made worse when elected leaders disparage, demean, and attack LGBTQ people and our rights. This is also the month when we remember all of those members of our community who have lost their life to hate.  Just last week on the Outbeat News segment we reported that the number of transgender people, particularly transgender women of color, killed this year has already passed last year’s total.

Typically our October show remembers and honors another and iconic victim of hate, Matthew Shepard.  And once again tonight we are going to share with you highlights from this year’s Matthew Shepard Foundation gala – the annual event that both remembers Matthew Shepard and also one that celebrates the change his story has brought to the world.  Tonight’s show features words from Judy Shepard, actress Lilly Tomlin, and more.  We’ll also talk about the state of hate crimes in the United States with Matthew Shepard Foundation executive vice-president, Jason Marsden.

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