Show Notes – October 26, 2014

msfStephen_FryThis month we traveled to Denver, Colorado for the 2014 Matthew Shepard Foundation Honors event.  It was 16 years ago this month that Matthew Shepard, then 21 years old, was abducted from a bar, tied to a fence, viciously beaten, and left to die.  His death started an international discussion about hate and LGBT rights.  11 years later, federal hate crimes legislation was expanded to include sexual orientation in Matthew’s name.

Shortly after their son died, Judy and Dennis Shepard created the Matthew Shepard Foundation.  This annual fundraising gala, held in Denver every October, honors individuals who have made a difference for LGBT people.  This year’s honorees included Matthews Place youth blogger, Jamie Kruze, activist Leslie Herod, professional basketball player Jason Collins, and actor Stephen Fry.  We have live interviews with Judy and Dennis Shepard and Foundation executive director, Jason Marsden.

We also shared music from singer-songwriter Randi Driscoll who’s original song, “What Matters,” was dedicated to the memory of Matthew Shepard.

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Randi Driscoll

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