Show Notes – Aug. 27, 2023

This month Charley Beal and Cleve Jones return to our show to talk about the Flag in the Map exhibit coming to Napa Valley College on October 6, 2023. This is going to be a free event open to the general public and will feature a speaking program at 7:30PM that night with Charley Beal and Cleve Jones.

As we reported on Outbeat News, the tragic shooting of a store owner in San Bernardino County because she was flying a Pride rainbow flag is an example of hate at its worst. The Flag in the Map exhibit includes more than 40 images from around the world, sometimes in very dangerous places, where people are using the Pride flag for activism and visibility to show the world that LGBTQ+ people are everywhere.

Charley Beal is the president of the Gilbert Baker Foundation (Gilbert Baker created the Pride flag) and Cleve Jones is a well-known local activist and author.  Cleve took part is making the actual first Pride flag along with its creator, Gilbert Baker.

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