Show Notes – October 23, 2016

6149948Did you know there is a Catholic Church that allows women to serve as priests, recognizes same-sex marriage, and allows priests to marry?  That’s right, it’s the “Old Catholic Church” and this month we learned all about it from Bishop David Doyle and two of his priests, all three of whom are “out” gay men.  If you are an LGBT person who’s been rejected by the Roman Catholic Church, listen to this show and learn more about the affirming “Old Catholic Church.”

giftofangerWe also talked with Joe Solmonese, former president of the Human Rights Campaign, about his new book, “The Gift of Anger:  Use Passion to Build Not Destroy.”  It’s a great read for new and experienced activists and professionals of all kinds.

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The Old Catholic Church
Old Catholic Church Of Napa
The Gift Of Anger: Use Passion To Build Not Destroy

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