Show Notes – November 27, 2016

fb039c61-6885-4adb-b265-0cfd1608ab4dHappy Thanksgiving weekend!  This month we were thrilled to spend time with Cleve Jones at his home in the Castro to talk about his life and his new book, “When We Rise.”  Cleve is a remarkable man who’s been at the heart of the LGBT civil rights movement here in the Bay Area.  He talks about meeting Harvey Milk, helping to stitch together the first rainbow flag with Gilbert Baker, and how he was inspired to create and famous AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Also this month, Nathan Manske, the founder and CEO of I’m From Driftwood returns to talk about some of his favorite stories from this last year and to share details about a new program he’e working on involving the collection of stories from LGBT seniors.  We love Nathan and appreciate his work.


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Cleve Jones
When We Rise
I’m From Driftwood

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